Pool of Music 2018

Pool of Music“, is an outdoor concert series highlighting local musicians that my roommates and I started a 4ish years ago to raise money for charity. It takes place in our empty pool. THIS WAS OUR 8TH POOL OF MUSIC! I can’t believe we’ve been able to keep this tradition going! It all started after we had done a couple dance parties in our empty pool and couple friends of ours suggested we do a concert in the pool. After that, we decided we wanted to put it towards a good cause and use it to raise money for charity. Every concert we pick a different organization or individual that we feel could really benefit from it. This time we decided to raise money for The Red Fred Project. It takes a lot of organization and time but it’s definitely worth it. I couldn’t do it without the many volunteers who help set up and take down, individuals and business who donate food and refreshments, the musicians that volunteer their time and talents, and someone to do all the sound audio. It’s a privilege to work with all these amazing individuals who are so willing to help make it happen. What a good use for an broken empty pool. #poolofmusic

Decor Details: We made our chandeliers out of crepe paper streamers, a wire wreath frame, and battery operated copper wire twinkle lights


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