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Pool of Music 2018

Pool of Music“, is an outdoor concert series highlighting local musicians that my roommates and I started a 4ish years ago to raise money for charity. It takes place in our empty pool. THIS WAS OUR 8TH POOL OF MUSIC! I can’t believe we’ve been able to keep this tradition going! It all started after we had done a couple dance parties in our empty pool and couple friends of ours suggested we do a concert in the pool. After that, we decided we wanted to put it towards a good cause and use it to raise money for charity. Every concert we pick a different organization or individual that we feel could really benefit from it. This time we decided to raise money for The Red Fred Project. It takes a lot of organization and time but it’s definitely worth it. I couldn’t do it without the many volunteers who help set up and take down, individuals and business who donate food and refreshments, the musicians that volunteer their time and talents, and someone to do all the sound audio. It’s a privilege to work with all these amazing individuals who are so willing to help make it happen. What a good use for an broken empty pool. #poolofmusic

Decor Details: We made our chandeliers out of crepe paper streamers, a wire wreath frame, and battery operated copper wire twinkle lights


Beyoncé Lemonade themed Birthday Party

Beyoncé and I share a birthday and I figured it was about time I did a Beyonce themed birthday party. In honor of us. haha. Inspired by her latest album Lemonade. If you haven’t heard of it, go listen to the album and watch the film immediately!… Well, after looking at these photos.

All the food I purchased from Sam’s Club (except the lemon candy, I got that at Gygi’s) because I didn’t want to bake and the party was too last minute to order custom deserts. But that Lemon bunt cake was amazingly good.

My nieces and nephews were the live entertainment and are actually pretty dang good at writing funny songs about complete strangers.

Also, the adorably cute dress I’m wearing in the last photo I got at Zara.

Hipster Party

Yes, I’m 27 and I am still have costume parties. And I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. And honestly, everyone loved it. You’re never too old to dress up. And literally everyone came dressed up… well, except the few who already dress like hipsters, they just wore their everyday clothes. It was so much fun and as a surprise my Mom and sister Jenica drove all the way from Idaho to come. 

At the party, we had several activities for the guest to participate in such as a Photo Booth, Instagram photo contest, a hipster quiz to see how hipster you really are, and a dance party in our empty pool.

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Gift Wrap

I have recently discovered the joy of gift wrapping. I think I put in as much time and effort into wrapping the gift as I do deciding what gift to give, so here i am sharing them with you. Anyway, just a few pictures for your deserving eyes.





img_4682 img_4687 img_4693

Recent Portraits

Here are some recent portraits that I’ve done in the last month. I had so much fun doing them and they’ve all turned out so lovely.

Grandma’s House

After the funeral on Monday for my Grandma Jorgensen, my family and I went out to her house to re-visit it one last time before everything got cleaned out and ready to sell. I decided to take some pictures so we could have something to look back on and remember the fun times spend with Grandma.

In memory of Grandma J

My Grandma Jorgensen passed away yesterday afternoon June 23, 2013, and I wanted to share some of my favorite memories of her.

My family was very blessed to only live a few miles away from Grandma J. We spend a lot of summer days over at Grandma’s house playing Chinese Checkers and Scrabble. It was always a big deal when you beat Grandma because she was a master at both. We also went on lots of adventures exploring the farmland, playing in the barn, and taking walks on the ditch bank behind her house. You also never went hungry at Grandma’s house. Grandma had wicked fast cooking skills.

Our family was also very lucky to have Grandma spend just about every Christmas morning with us. She would usually buy us each a couple little gifts from the dollar store and it was always exciting to see what Grandma was going to get you because they were usually very unexpected. I think one year Kurt got a big jar of pickles because Kurt was always eating pickles. hahaha.

Our family also got to take Grandma on quite a few family vacations. One year we went to Zion’s National Park and Grandma decided to wait in the car while we went on a short hike. Well, I guess Grandma got a little impatient because when we got back to the car Grandma was gone. We all panicked a little but decided she couldn’t have gotten very far. We soon found her, she had gone off and made friends with a park ranger.

But by far, my favorite memories with Grandma would have to be the summer I decided to start having scrapbooking nights with Grandma once a week. It was nice having one on one time with her and she would say the funniest things. One night she spent telling me funny dating stories about Grandpa and giving me dating advice. My favorite advice she gave me was, “Just wink at them and smile real big and they’ll ask you out.” And you know what, it works. haha. Another night we spent listening to a mixed CD I made of pop music and Grandma’s critiques of the songs were quite hilarious. Usually rated according to how easy they were to dance to. haha.

I also got to enjoy being in the same ward at church with Grandma. After her hearing got worse, she didn’t really like going to Sunday School because she couldn’t understand what they were saying, so sometimes I would sit on a couch in the foyer with her. One Sunday was very entertaining as she spent the entire time pretended to trip people with her cane as they walked by. hahaha.

Grandma J will always have a very special place in my heart and I will treasure the many hours spent with her and the love she showed me.

Here are some pictures I have taken of Grandma over the last couple of years.