17 thoughts on “Princess Birthday Party

  1. Jennifer Hinojosa

    I would like to know where did you find the oval gold frame? I have been looking everywhere for this style frame. HELP!!! lol 🙂

    Thank You

  2. Julene Post author

    My sister made the gold crown out of lace from a tutorial she found. If you search DIY lace crown on Pinterest you should be able to find the instructions.

  3. Ty

    Hi! I would love to know how you made the background behind the table, it looks like ribbons but wanted to make sure. Also where did you purchase it. Thanks

  4. Julene Post author

    Yes, the background is ribbon. Although, I don’t know where it was purchased. It was left over from a wedding and was given to me. But the frame is from Ikea.

  5. Julene Post author

    I got the tea set from two places. I found a set of cups and saucers at TJ Maxx and then the tea pot and other stuff I found in a set at Ross. I think.

  6. Julene Post author

    The picture frame is from Ikea. It was originally black, but we spray painted it gold.

  7. Julene Post author

    It was against a wall, so I think I just used thumb tacks. But clear fishing line would probably also work if you’re hanging it from something.

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