Super Hero Birthday Party

Happy 5th birthday to my charming little nephew Henrik!! I seriously love that kid, he’s pretty much my best friend. Anyway, here is the party my sister (his mom) and I put together for him. Henrik picked a theme, I came up with the original design, and then we based the decorations and food around that. I think we pulled off a good party and the kids really seemed to love the theme and activities. What a fun time!

Oh, and ps, I just want to brag for a second and say that I made all the capes for the kids after only owning a sewing machine for a couple of weeks. Pretty good for a beginner. I am super impressed with myself. haha

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 2.46.30 AMhero21hero5hero12hero10hero4hero1hero2hero6hero3hero8hero20hero9hero7hero13hero14hero15hero16hero17hero18hero19

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