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The other day when I was over visiting my sister, I was sitting on the couch and heard my niece Cambria (3 yrs) and nephew Henrik (5 yrs) up to something in the bathroom. So I go to see what’s going on and the first thing Henrik says to me is, “Can you get my hair to stay like this?” They were putting water in their hair and styling it into what they thought looked super good. And of course I am more than willing to help them in their creative processes, so I quickly agreed to Henrik’s request by applying gel and hairspray. Then, of course Cambria wanted the same thing done to hers, so I did hers as well. hahaha. I love those kids. And obviously they were more than willing to do a photo shoot of their hairdos.

And here are the amazing results:


Valentines Day with the munchkins

I got to spend this Valentines Day with two of my very favorite people, my niece and nephew Henrik and Cambria. Boy are these two little munchkins full of personality. They had me laughing all night.  Silly kids.














Halfway through the night Henrik pulled a tiger costume out of his bag and said, “I brought this just in case you wanted to take pictures of me in it.” hahaha. So we did.




Super Hero Birthday Party

Happy 5th birthday to my charming little nephew Henrik!! I seriously love that kid, he’s pretty much my best friend. Anyway, here is the party my sister (his mom) and I put together for him. Henrik picked a theme, I came up with the original design, and then we based the decorations and food around that. I think we pulled off a good party and the kids really seemed to love the theme and activities. What a fun time!

Oh, and ps, I just want to brag for a second and say that I made all the capes for the kids after only owning a sewing machine for a couple of weeks. Pretty good for a beginner. I am super impressed with myself. haha

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