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I am constantly having my friend Marijke model for me and this time we decided we wanted to take a shot at the creepy and I think we accomplished just that. We wanted a ghost-like feel to them and also wanted them to tell a story. I have decided to name this series “Erie Beauty” because they are creepy, but lets be honest, Marijke is the best looking ghost I have ever seen. Here is the final product for the creepy time photos. I even creeped myself out. Dang I’m good.


So, these photos aren’t done yet, but here’s a little taste of them. I’ve messed around with them a little but i think they still need more work to bring the creepy factor to it’s full potential. I’ve done lots of cute and beautiful photoshoots, but Marijke and I wanted to take a shot at the creepy and see if we were capable of it. Plus I am trying to one-up Taylor Davenport‘s creepy photos here and here.

P.s. the second photo is just me testing my ability to make vampire eyes. haha

Audrey inspired photoshoot

My friend Marijke recently got her hair cut short so we decided that we needed to do a photoshoot in honor of her new hairstyle. And who better than Audrey Hepburn for the inspiration of the photos. So here are some of the photos of audrey that inspired our photos of marijke. I think we did a pretty good job.  You can see all the photos from the shoot here.