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The Metro Building

A couple weeks ago at work we got moved from the Metro building to the Church Office Building so we decided to go through and take a few last photos of the building before it gets torn down in a few months. Most of them were taken from a blocked off section of the building that hasn’t been in use for years. So, if it’s blocked off, you may be wondering how we got to it? Well, it took some effort, but we managed it. We had to go down to the lower level basement, through the rooms with water pipes and power breakers, through a secret (not so secret) side door and back up 4 flights of stairs and through another door. Impressed? Well, you should be. Worth it. And here are the photos. And I did a double exposures on some of them to make them seem extra creepy.



I am constantly having my friend Marijke model for me and this time we decided we wanted to take a shot at the creepy and I think we accomplished just that. We wanted a ghost-like feel to them and also wanted them to tell a story. I have decided to name this series “Erie Beauty” because they are creepy, but lets be honest, Marijke is the best looking ghost I have ever seen. Here is the final product for the creepy time photos. I even creeped myself out. Dang I’m good.


So, these photos aren’t done yet, but here’s a little taste of them. I’ve messed around with them a little but i think they still need more work to bring the creepy factor to it’s full potential. I’ve done lots of cute and beautiful photoshoots, but Marijke and I wanted to take a shot at the creepy and see if we were capable of it. Plus I am trying to one-up Taylor Davenport‘s creepy photos here and here.

P.s. the second photo is just me testing my ability to make vampire eyes. haha